•I chose a field in medicine based on a long-standing fascination with the complexity and varied nature of disease processes.

With an open eye, I embarked on many rigorous years of medical training, developing an intriguing fascination with

Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

•My life to date has prepared me to deal with many obstacles and has also shown me the determination, resilience,

strength and caring that are a part of my character. As I look into the future, I believe these characteristics will

continue to enable me to succeed and be a valuable asset to my profession. I anticipate that working with patients

will continue to be equally rewarding and look forward with enthusiasm.

•I completed my MBBS from M S Ramaiah Medical College in Bengaluru,and MD in Internal Medicine at Sree Siddhartha Medical College in Tumkur. Secured State first in Tamilnadu D.M entrance examination (Medical Gastroenterology) – 2011 to pursue my dream career DM in Gastroenterology at the prestigious Madras Medical College which is ranked consistently amongst the top medical institutes in India.

•SubsequentIy I refined my skills by training in advanced therapeutic Endoscopic procedures at various centers in India & Abroad.

M S Ramaiah Medical College

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Sree Siddhartha Medical College

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Madras Medical College

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Dr.Rajesh is today among the few top Gastroenterologists in India who can perform Endoscopic surgery for Early Gastrointestinal Cancers.


Advanced endoscopic procedures like ERCP, ESD, Third Space Endoscopy are performed regularly apart from procedures like variceal banding, luminal stenting,foreign body removal etc