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Appendicitis is when the appendix is swollen (inflamed). Theinflammation can lead to developing a hole (perforation) and a collection of pus (abscess). CAUSES There is not always an obvious cause of appendicitis. Sometimes itis caused by an obstruction in the appendix. The obstruction canbe causedby: • A small, hard, pea-sized ball of stool(fecalith). • Enlarged lymph glands in theappendix. SYMPTOMS • Pain around your belly button (navel) that moves towardyour lower right belly (abdomen). The pain can become more severe and sharp as timepasses. • Tenderness in the lower right abdomen. Pain gets worse if you cough ormake a suddenmovement. • Feeling sick to your stomach(nauseous), Throwing up(vomiting). • Loss ofappetite. • Fever. • Constipation, Diarrhea. • Generally not feelingwell. DIAGNOSIS • Physicalexam, Bloodtests. • USG abdomen & a CT scan may confirm thediagnosis. TREATMENT Once the diagnosis of appendicitis is made, the most common treatment is to remove the appendix as soon as possible. This procedure is called appendectomy. In an open appendectomy, a cut (incision) is made in the lower right abdomen and the appendix is removed. In a laparoscopic appendectomy, usually 3 small incisions are made. Long, thin instruments and a camera tube are used to remove the appendix. Most patients go home in 24 to 48 hours after appendectomy. In some situations, the appendix may have already perforated and an abscess may have formed. The abscess may have a "wall" around it as seen on a CT scan. In this case, you may be treated with antibiotic medicines that kill germs. The medicineisgiventhroughatubeinyourvein(IV).Oncetheabscesshasresolved,itmayormaynotbe necessary to have an appendectomy. You may need to stay in the hospital longer. This information is not intended to replace advice given to you by your health care provider. Make sure you discuss any questions you have with your health care provider.

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