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Capsule Endoscopy

  • 15 minutes
  • Depends on Consult
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Service Description

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure used to examine the inside of the small intestine. It is done to detect problems or abnormalities, such as bleeding, inflammation, or growths. You will swallow a small capsule that has a tiny camera and transmitter in it. This capsule naturally travels through your digestive system, and the camera takes photos of the small intestine along the way. The photos are transmitted to a recorder so that your health care provider can later view the photos and look for problems. RISKS AND COMPLICATIONS Generally, capsule endoscopy is a safe procedure. However, as with any procedure, complications can occur. Possible complications include the capsule becoming trapped in the digestive tract, which can result in an intestinal blockage. BEFORE THE PROCEDURE • You may be asked to limit your diet to clear liquids for 24 hours prior to the test. • You will be asked to follow a bowel preparation cleansing routine to empty out your intestines. If the intestines are not adequately cleansed, the procedure may fail to get useful photos and may need to be repeated. • Do not eat or drink anything for 10 hours before the start of the procedure or as directed by your health care provider. PROCEDURE Your health care provider will attach sensors to your abdomen. You will then be asked to put on a belt that contains a recording device. After turning on the camera inside the capsule, the health care provider will give you the capsule to swallow. You then swallow the capsule with water, just like taking a pill. Over the next several hours, the capsule will naturally travel through your digestive system and take photos of the small intestine. The photos will be transmitted to the recording device on your belt. AFTER SWALLOWING THE CAPSULE • After you swallow the capsule, you will be able to leave and carry on with your regular daily activities. • You may drink clear liquids 2 hours after swallowing the capsule. • You may eat lightly 4 hours after swallowing the capsule. • You can resume normal activities right after swallowing the capsule. • Avoid strenuous activity, such as running, during the testing period. • Return the recording device to your health care provider as directed. • The capsule will be naturally eliminated from the body during a bowel movement. Look for the capsule in your bowel movements over the next few days.

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