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Gastritis is swelling (inflammation) of the stomach. Gastritis can develop quickly (acute). It can also develop slowly over time (chronic). It is important to get help for this condition. If you do not get help, you can get sores (ulcers) in your stomach. What are the causes? This condition may be caused by: 1. Germs that get to your stomach. 2. Drinking too much alcohol. 3.Medicines you are taking. 4.Too much acid in the stomach. 5.Stress. 6.An allergic reaction. Sometimes the cause of this condition is not known. What are the signs or symptoms? Pain in your stomach. A burning feeling in your stomach. Feeling sick to your stomach (nauseous). Throwing up (vomiting). Feeling too full after you eat. Weight loss. Bad breath. How is this diagnosed? By your medical history and symptoms. A physical examamination. Upper GI Endoscopy How is this treated? Treatment for this condition depends on what caused it. You may be given: Antibiotic medicine, if your condition was caused by germs. H2 blockers or PPIs and similar medicines, if your condition was caused by too much acid. Follow these instructions at home: Take over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your doctor. Eat small meals often, instead of large meals. Avoid foods and drinks that make your symptoms worse. Drink enough fluid to keep your pee (urine) pale yellow. Do not drink alcohol or smoke General instructions Talk with your doctor about ways to manage stress. You can exercise or do deep breathing, meditation, or yoga. Contact a doctor if: Your symptoms get worse. Your symptoms go away and then come back. Get help right away if: You throw up blood or something that looks like coffee grounds. You have black or dark red poop.

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