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1. Endoscopy

 i)Diagnostic Endoscopy

  •  Heart burn, Regurgitation, Swallowing Difficulty, Painful swallowing, Chronic vomiting,Upper abdominal Pain,

  • Gas Bloat, Blood in vomitus, Diagnosis of HPylori

 ii)image enhanced endoscopy

  • For early cancer detection

iii)Therapeutic Endoscopy

  • Luminal Stenting, GI Bleed Management ,Foreign Body RemovalEndoscopic Variceal LigationVaricel Glue Injection, Polypectomy, EMRESD for early cancers,POEM procedure for Achalasia

2.Sigmoidoscopy & Colonoscopy

  • PolypectomyESD for removal of early colon cancer 


  • ERCP- CBD stone removalERCP- Biliary Metallic StentingERCP- Pancreatic Endotherapy

4.EUS - Endoscopic Ultrasound 

  • EUS –FNABPseudocyst DrainageBiliary Drainage

5.Breath Test

  • Hydrogen Breath Test


  • For Fatty Liver


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